Friends of Saratoga Spa State Park

Dog Park Committee

As seen in all parks, the pandemic has brought more visitors to our Dog Park, and more people have brought dogs into their lives as well. We are so grateful for having an area dedicated to off-leash play for us to enjoy with our dogs. In the past year, our Dog Park cleanup days picked back up with over 35 volunteers chipping in. Over a couple weekends in autumn, volunteers filled holes, picked up trash along the road and parking lot, cut back branches and saplings along the fence line, collected leaves and other items.

Our Dog Park committee has reformed after a pause during 2020 and volunteers who want to help make improvements at the Dog Park are eager for fundraising and helping with projects and events for the pooches. Our past Dog Park committee chairperson, Eric Spaulding, has received the support of Margaret Danison, Tricia Pleu and many other patrons to be on the committee, with Tricia taking lead in 2022 as chairperson of the Friends’ Dog Park Committee.



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