by Aime (Trent) Millet

The Polaris is a delightful spring. Whether there is a child placing his foot on the spout to spray his friends or a group of visitors enjoying the taste of its tangy waters, either straight or mixed, Polaris is a welcoming water. The Polaris Spring always seems delighted to dance in the sunny or gloomy days to greet those who approach it!

Polaris is one of the most popular mineral waters in the lower park. It is natural seltzer type water, known to make wonderful smoothies since they come out very smooth with just the right touch of effervescence. I have met a number of people who have said things like, “I make my kids Kool-Aid out of it,” or, “Instead of soft drinks I mix Polaris with grape, strawberry or other juices for my family.” I always respond with, “Thank you, and that’s great!”

Polaris and similar waters may indeed offer considerably healthier options compared to many of the popular cola beverages. Related areas of interest include the possible affects of liquids including mineral waters and cola soft drinks consumed on maintaining long term healthy pH levels of approximately 7.45 pH considered important to reducing bone density loss.

“Naturally” Carbonated water – which Polaris along with many of Saratoga’s water’s have been believed by many lay people over the past century to assist in maintaining good health including such areas as blood pressure when used as part of a medically supervised health program.

Polaris as a mineral water is on the lower side of the medium level of mineral waters containing 3260 parts per million (PPM) of total dissolved solids. In comparison, State Seal Water, the clear “plain” water so many people are seen collecting in the lower park near Polaris and across from the auto museum is 175 PPM. Hathorn #3 spring, just inside the Route 50 entrance to park’s East – West Road, is 16,407 PPM approximating the strength of sea water.

Polaris Water is low in salts (Sodium), Potassium, Bromide, Magnesium and several minor minerals, not high in Calcium or chloride and does not contain Manganese or Strontium. It is high in Lithium (natural lithium, not to be confused with the manufactured artificial type), iron which explains some of its health qualities and silica which explains the smoothness of smoothies made from it. The combination of the natural iron and silica is believed responsible for its reputation as having skin softening characteristics as with the Lincoln water of Roosevelt Baths. Natural iron is known to be vastly superior to supplements for maintaining the body. wrap text around image The natural CO2 properties are many and its low salt/sodium content may be compatible with low salt diets. Polaris Water is on the lower end of medium in radium and it should be noted in sources reviewed by the author that 90% of the literature by doctors and professionals on natural radium state it has amazing beneficial health properties in non full-time amounts.

Currently, no existing medical or therapeutic records of Polaris Water being prescribed by medical professionals for specific ailments have yet been located. However, it has been accepted by many residents and visitors during the past century that Polaris Water is among the types of mineral waters that may assist in maintaining good health.

Polaris is the first spring visited on my Spa Park mineral springs tours. I always feel like the spouter Polaris is the ancient playmate of my inner child as it dances happily like a giant drinking fountain. Which is also exactly how many people use it.

The Polaris Spring in Winter – ice encrusted but always flowing. (February 2013)